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CIN201: Film Cultures 1: Art & Industry

A comprehensive guide to for finding the best primary source materials (1895-1968) for your Cinema Studies assignment.

Media History Digital Library (MHDL) Search Tips


  • Be patience, MHDL's search interface (The Lantern) can take some time to load on your browser. 
  • Technical issues?
    • Try searching directly in the publication through Internet Archive. 
    • All of the publications in Media History Digital Library are linked and stored online within Internet Archive (scroll down for link and tips).

Searching in Media History Digital Library (MHDL)

Quick Links

The Lantern (search interface for MHDL)
Advanced Search Page 


Search Tips for MHDL Lantern 

View or read the following tips for searching because MHDL requires different approaches than Google and UofT LibrarySearch

1) MHDL Video Tutorial available via University of Oregon 


2) Basic Search in Lantern 


3) Using Advanced Search (allows for more specific search results) 


4) Refine / Narrow your Results with Search Filters

  • Filter out unwanted information for the best search results
    • Locate the Filter Menu on the far left side of your search results and select the following: 
    • Date - Click on the filter and limit the time range by entering the dates or sliding the markers for your date range.
    • Title - Select the recommended publication titles for this assignment.  
  • Don't see any articles in the first page of search results?
    • Be aware that the first results might be advertisements or images because MHDL Lantern looks for the most mentions of your search term in the documents (e.g., articles, photo spreads, advertisements, lists of films or vendors, etc.).
    • Try skipping past the first few pages of the search results. 


5) Access the Articles / Ads / Images - Internet Archive Interface Walkthrough
Careful when selecting to DOWNLOAD
  • Select to download the article, not the entire volume.
    • Each volume contains all the issues / magazines that were published in that time span so the file size is VERY large. It's better to flip and read through the publications online and capture the content you need (e.g., few pages from one issue of the publication, advertisement on a page)
  • Some entries may be for one page of a multi page article, click through to see the full page online.

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