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Instructional Video

Zotero Series: Part 3 - Collecting & Organizing Sources

(MS Stream Video, New College Library)

This video provides instructions and a demonstration on how to create a collection in the Zotero application; add items to Zotero using the web-browser connectors; find available PDFs; add items manually; add items with identifiers; add items by dropping PDFs into Zotero; how to use Zotero tags; and how to use ZotFile to extract annotations.

Organizing your Library Content

Zotero has a number of features that allow you to organize, label, and tag your Library items. The links below will redirect you to the relevant pages that explain how to use these features.

Organizing your Library & Taking Notes

  1. Advanced Preferences
  2. Collections & Tags
  3. Searching
  4. Sorting
  5. Notes
  6. Related Items
  7. Duplicate Detection
  8. Create Zotero Groups to Share Content with Others