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Instructional Video

Setting-up Zotero

This video provides instructions and a demonstration for setting up a Zotero account; creating a group library; downloading and setting-up the Zotero application; adding the Zotero web-browser connectors; and installing ZotFile add-on.

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Step 1: Register for your Free Zotero Account

Before starting the installation process, you will need to register for a free Zotero Account.

This account syncs the Zotero software on your computer to a Zotero Cloud account, allowing you to access your resources from anywhere, in addition to joining Groups and backing up your attached files in the Zotero Cloud.

Register for your free Zotero Account

  • The Connecting your Zotero Account page in this guide will help you sync the desktop app to your Account and connect Zotero to your Word Processor.
  • Please note, you can use any email address to set up your Zotero Account. You will need access to your email to activate your account and complete the registration process. 

Step 2: Download & Install Zotero

Download and install Zotero software from the Zotero website.

There's a different version for each operating system: Windows, Mac or Linux. The links can be found below the "Download" button

  • Before downloading, make sure that Microsoft Word is closed.
    • Remember UofT students, faculty and staff have access to the full desktop and mobile versions of Microsoft 365 ProPlus to install on personal devices while affiliated with UofT.
  • Chromebooks require additional steps for set up:

More details for installation can be found on

Step 3: Install Connectors or set up Bookmarklets

Zotero Browser ConnectorsScreenshot of Download page for Zotero Connector for Google Chromes browser. Install Chrome Connector button appears below the title. Hyperlink for Zotero Connectors for other browsers appears below the download button.

Connectors allow your web browser to save citations to your Zotero library.

Open your preferred web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) and click the Zotero Connector link on the Download page to install it. The Zotero Connector for Safari is bundled with Zotero, and you can enable it from the Extensions pane in the Safari settings.

Each browser has its own version of the Zotero connector, so if you use more than one browser, you'll need to install the connector for each browser. The Connector will be visible in the top right hand corner of your browser, similarly to other extensions like Ad Blockers.

Connector Preferences 

Take a look at Zotero's Connector Preferences page.

The Proxies Preferences section will help you navigate how to save resources that are accessed through UofT Libraries.

"Many institutions require you to sign-in to a proxy system to access electronic resources while you are off-campus. The Zotero Connector can make this more convenient. When it detects that you are using an institutional proxy to access a particular site, it will ask if you want to remember it in the future. If you agree, Zotero will automatically use the proxy for matching URLs in the future. You should be routed through the proxy login site if you're not already logged in, then you can access the database as you normally would."