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SSM1070H5: Sustainability Law and Policy (Winter 2022)

A research guide for SSM1070 students.


Many books addressing policy and legal issues related to sustainability are available through the Library.  These books may be:

  • textbooks or handbooks that offer an overview or survey of a given topic or topics,
  • collected essays around a broad or narrow theme; OR
  • works that focus on a single topic.


You can find books using the LibrarySearch platform.

Need help? Check out the LibrarySearch Tips Guide, or the following links:


Some suggested subject headings to use in a catalogue search are:

Climatic changes--Government policy Global warming--Law and legislation
Climatic changes--Law and legislation Greenhouse gases--Law and legislation
Conflict of laws International courts
Effectiveness and validity of law International trade--Environmental aspects
Environmental agencies Land use--Law and legislation
Environmental agencies--[country name] Law--Environmental aspects
Environmental impact analysis--Law and legislation Liability for environmental damages
Environmental impact statements Natural resources--Law and legislation
Environmental justice Nature conservation--Law and legislation
Environmental law Pollution
Environmental law--[country name] Strategic planning--Environmental aspects
Environmental law--Interpretation and construction Sustainable development--Law and legislation
Environmental law, international Tort liability of corporations
Environmental policy Transboundary pollution--Law and legislation
Environmental protection--Case studies Treaties
Environmental protection--International cooperation Water pollution

Headings in bold are the broadest in scope and may be associated with many books you will find relevant.

This is not a comprehensive list!  To identify relevant subject headings, use the catalogue record for a book you already know to be relevant and try searching for other books using the heading(s) you find there. Keep track of what OTHER subject headings are associated with the books you find using that search and use these to extend your search for relevant books.