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SSM1070H5: Sustainability Law and Policy

A research guide for SSM1070 students.

SSM1070 Course Resources

This LibGuide provides resources to help you locate relevant primary and secondary legal research materials for completing these projects. Pointers are also given on how to effectively evaluate different information sources and interperet legal citations correctly.

Legal Research Resources

Primary Sources in Legal Research refer to texts which document the creation of law. These include:

  • Statutes 
  • Regulations
  • Case Decisions

Secondary Sources in Legal Research discuss a law or laws in relation to particular topics. This may include a review of the law or provide different subjective interpretations of the law by others. They can provide useful background information about a law, such as its history, impact, or influence on other legislation, but they should ultimately be used to direct a researcher back to the primary source of law by including citations to laws, regulations, and/or legal decisions. Secondary Sources can be useful places to begin the legal research process into a topic and can include:

  • Journal Articles and Books
  • Legal Encyclopedias
  • Case Digests
  • Index to Statutes