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EES1100 Master of Environmental Science Resource Guide

This guide will help Master of Environmental Students at UTSC access key resources for research, learn about publishing and scholarly communication, prepare for internship, and more.

Why use books?

Traditional information such as: theories, formulas, algorithms, equations, tables of constants and units of measurements


the practical application of these in all areas of science is found in books.

EBook platforms and collections

Find books with LibrarySearch

Use the LibrarySearch box on the UTSC Library homepage to find print and online books, articles, journals, videos, and more in our collections!

Start by entering keywords then select the magnifying glass icon to search.

If you have specific details of the item you want, you can also use Advanced Search to query specific search fields such as:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Subject
  • Call number

For more information:

Narrow down your search

You can refine the search results in a number of different ways, including by library, by subject, and many other ways including publication year, language, and format (such as "book" or "film"). 

Accessing Books in LibrarySearch

If you're off campus and ONLY want to see the items that can be accessed remotely, you can limit your search results by selecting 'Online' filter.

Likewise, if you're on campus and want to identify what items can be found in our local collection, you can limit your location to the U of T Scarborough Library. 

We use call numbers to arrange books in the library. When you find a physical item that you like, check that it is Available and be sure to take note of the call number listed near the library name (in the sample screenshot below the call number is QD40 .A23 2018) so you can locate it later on. Ask a library staff member to help you locate the book if needed. If the item is unavailable or located at another library location, use the Sign In button and then request it.

Item in place


Use Subject Headings

Book record showing subjects

When you have found a book that seems useful, don't forget to look at its subject entries, in the Details section; if you see one that looks good, click that to get to other titles that have been given that subject heading.

Get books off the shelf at UTSC Library

We use call numbers to arrange books in the library. When you find a book that you like, check that the Item is Available and write down the call number, in this case QD40 .A23 2018, to find it in the library. Ask a library staff member to help you locate the book if needed. 

Item in place