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Academic Integrity

Use the following guide to learn more about academic integrity

What is Academic Integrity?

A strong knowledge of academic integrity is important for your success at university.     Use this site to learn more  about academic integrity and related skills.     Questions?    Ask your instructor, TA, or visit UTSC Campus Resources (See below). 


What is Academic Integrity?

Academic Integrity is the attitude and behaviour you bring to your university studies that demonstrate “honest scholarship” (Zoll, 1996, p.7) -- your commitment to earning your degree by your own honest effort. Examples of Academic Integrity include: 

  • Submitting your own work in exams, tests and assignments 
  • Giving credit to others, whose words or ideas you have used as the basis of your own work, by citing them 
  • Using only UTSC-approved student support services – you are already paying for them!

Zoll, M.J. (1996). A matter of honor: Do students understand and uphold the honor code? (Doctoral dissertation, University of LaVerne, 1996) Dissertation Abstracts International. 58(2), 0401A. (UMI No. 9720835).


Academic Support @ UTSC

There are plenty of life circumstances that can affect your ability to focus on your studies. The UTSC campus is home to a wide variety of specialized services to help you navigate your degree. Take a look at a partial list below:


UTSC Services How they help:

Academic Advising and Career Centre:   

Supports students in their academic and career success through a broad range of academic advising, learning skills, career counseling and employment coaching programs, services and events.

Academic Integrity Office (VP Academic)

Learn more about what happens if a student is suspected of an academic offence.  

English Language Development Support (Centre for Teaching & Learning): 

Works with students to develop their academic English language communication skills such as reading, writing, speaking and critical thinking. 

The International Student Centre:

Provides an internationally informed and cross-culturally sensitive university community through educational, co-curricular programs and activities, and through promotion of U of T study abroad opportunities. 

Writing Support (Centre for Teaching and Learning):

Offers one-on-one feedback on students’ work at any stage of the writing process, including help with integrating, paraphrasing, and citing sources used in papers for every discipline.  

UTSC Library:

Helps students (in-person, by phone, e-mail and chat)  to find quality sources for their academic essays and allso advises on good citation practices