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EES1100 Master of Environmental Science Resource Guide

This guide will help Master of Environmental Students at UTSC access key resources for research, learn about publishing and scholarly communication, prepare for internship, and more.

Top Employers, Industry and Labour Market Information

  • Energy Efficiency Employment in Canada
  • Environmental Job postings within Industries
  • Environmental Job market Trends Mid-2018
  • Environmental Assessment and the Workforce in Canada (2018)
  • Environmental Job Market Trends in Canada (2014-2017)
  • Environmental Job Posting Trends (2013-2016)
  • Canadian Environmental Employment: Summary Analysis
  • Fisheries and Wildlife: Current Job Trends and Future Growth
  • Natural Resource management: Current Job Trends and Future Growth
  • Selected Environmental Sub-Sectors: Current Job Trends and Future Growth

Environmental Science Networking Opportunities at UofT

Ten Thousand Coffee - UofT Networking Opportunity