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MMPA 2025-24M Integrated Case Competition

Research Guide for MMPA Case Competitions


FactSet allows users to quickly generate a list of comps and associated financials, multiples, ratios or other benchmark data.

1. Select the 'Company/Security' tab from the top navigation bar
2. Select 'Overviews' > 'Comps'
3. Load the target company if it has not already been loaded. 
4. Use the options under 'Modify Peers' to filter the list according to sub-sectors, regions, or market cap value.
5. Use the ​​​​​​​'Add Company' box to manually add companies to the list.
6. To manually remove a company, hover over the company name until an x appears next to it.


The list of comps will default to the 'Selected Financials' table. To change the data items displayed, use the options below.

7. Click on the check button next to the pre-formatted option you want to load, and the new table will appear at the bottom of the screen, below 'Selected Financials'. To remove a table, deselect the button associated with it.
8. Click on the 'Custom' drop-down menu build a table from scratch.

Screen capture of Comps presets and the Custom option annotated with red rectangles


9. Click on the green plus icon to bring up a window with criteria to add to a custom table.
10. Select criteria from the box on the left, and use the arrows to add or remove items in the 'Selected' box. Make sure to name the custom table and click 'Create' to load the new table.