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Library Reading List

A user's guide to the Library Reading List app in Quercus.

Accessing your Readings

Click on the Section to see the corresponding readings.

Screenshot of a reading list in Leganto with the first two weekly sections collapsed and the thrid weekl section expanded to display the readings, attention being drawn to the section title link for week 3.

Your course readings are listed as Citations, and may include book chapters, articles, films, images, websites, and other resources.

Screenshot of a list of 4 readings in Leganto with attention being drawn to the citation type located before the title of each citatio. This example includes book chapter, book chapter, article and book.

Each citation contains a way to access the reading, which will vary depending on the type of resource. You can download a file, access your reading through a link, or borrow item from your library.

Screenshot of 4 citations with attention being drawn to access points, including download, available at, and view online.

Click on the citation for all available access options and details.

Screenshot of a detail view of a citation, attention being drawn to the Links& availability section and Request option section.