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Library Reading List

A user's guide to the Library Reading List app in Quercus.

Introduction to the Library Reading List app in Quercus


The Library Reading List application streamlines access to a wide variety of course-related and library materials for students and instructors through close integration with Quercus and U of T library resources. 

The application combines electronic articles, streaming media, digitized content, physical materials, and more into a single, easy-to-use list so that students can access all their course materials in one place. It is a modernized system that allows instructors to follow along with up to the minute information and make their own additions to the reading list. 

Please submit your reading lists at any time – our staff will do their best to assist you. Email your syllabus with full citations or any questions about Library Reading List to

Interested in learning more? Watch this short video.  

For faculty: Instructions for activating Library Reading List within your Quercus course