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Library Reading List

A user's guide to the Library Reading List app in Quercus.

Adding the Library Reading List Tool to Quercus

The Library Reading List app is already installed in Quercus but the link to this tool needs to be made visible to students by the following steps:

  1. In your course menu, click "Settings" (at the bottom)
  2. Click on the "Navigation" tab
  3. Click on and drag " Library Reading List" up from the list of hidden navigation items to the list of visible navigation items in the top half of this list.
  4. Place it where you would like it to appear in the course menu.
  5. Save your change.

Students will now have access to the Library Reading List app in their course side navigation bar. If the readings fail to appear, please ensure you have selected " Library Reading List" and not "Library Course Reserves" or "Library Resources."