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PSCB90 Physical Sciences Research Experience

Welcome to the research guide for PSCB90. This guide will help you become familiar with relevant research tips & resources for your project.

Why browse through a journal?

You might want to browse through copies of Analytical Chemistry to become more familiar with writing styles in chemistry as well as find references to help frame your introduction and discussion.

Looking for journal literature about experiment design? Try searching the Journal of Chemical Education. 

Looking for educational video content on topics such as lab skills? Check out JoVE Science Education.

There also many other multidisciplinary and discipline specific journals that focus on teaching and learning that might be useful if your project is centered on these topics (your supervisor or liaison librarian may be able to provide additional guidance on useful journals for your specific project).

Search or browsing within a Journal

1. To search or browse within a specific journal, you need to know the journal name.

What if you just have an acronym? 

This only works for common abbreviations.  If the abbreviation is uncommon, try looking it up in one of these sources:

If none of these methods work try Google Scholar or ask your librarian (contact information on the left)

2. Type the acronym (or full journal title) into the Catalogue or e-Journals search boxes on the library homepage:

catalogue search for JACS


3. View the results. Select the link for the current issues of the journal.

JACS catalogue search result

4. Now you can either browse through the contents of the journal or use the webpage's search function to search within the journal.