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Medieval Manuscript Collections

Digital manuscript resources and collections online for study and research.


National Library of Bulgaria. Site in English. Oriental Collection of “Arabic manuscripts” includes nearly 3,200 manuscripts.

  • Slavonic MSS. The collection of Slavonic manuscripts in the National Library of Bulgaria is the biggest one in Bulgaria and contains around 1 500 manuscripts and fragments, dating from 11th to 19th century. The documents that are predominantly digitised are those, for which the accessibility in digital format is essential, followed by the manuscripts of greatest interest for the scholars, as well as different fragments, the information about which could facilitate their identification as parts of manuscripts in other libraries and collections. Among the most important digitised manuscripts are: Enina Apostle from 11th century, Dobreisho Gospel from 13th century, Banitsa Gospel from 13th century, Pirdop Apostle from 13th century, SkopijeMenaion from 13th century. The major part of the presented manuscripts is available also through the EU digital platform Europeana.