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Medieval Manuscript Collections

Digital manuscript resources and collections online for study and research.


Alphonso Psalter. British Library. For Prince Alphonso (b. 1273, d. 1284), son of Edward I and Eleanor of Castile, who was betrothed to Margaret, daughter of the Count of Flanders.

Arsenal Bible with Crusader Connections. BNF Arsenal 5211 Bible de Saint-Jean d'Acre.

Bristol Psalter. The British Museum. "This pocket-sized (105 x 85 mm) 11th-century manuscript contains the Greek text of the Psalms followed by the biblical Odes. It is an example of a group of manuscripts known as ‘marginal psalters’, so called because the margins are lavishly decorated with images related to the text of the Psalms. Many of these images depict scenes from the life of Christ, and in so doing link the words of the Old Testament to the Christian message of the Gospels." BM website.

Harley Golden Gospels. Harley MS 2788. British Library. Date: 1st Quarter of 9th Century.

Stuttgart Psalter, Cod.bibl.fol.23. Date: 1st Half of 9th century. Origin: Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Current Location: Württembergische Landesbibliothek Stuttgart.

Theodore Psalter. British Library. Add MS 19352. Date: 1066. Creator: Theodore of Caesarea (author, scribe, illustrator).

Utrecht Psalter. Psalter and Gospel fragments, Ms. 32. Reims / Hautvillers, c. 820-845 (fol. 1-92); Wearmouth-Jarrow in Northumbria, c. 700 (fol. 94-105). Latin; Greek (fol. 101v). All 150 psalms, 15 canticles and psalm 151 are decorated in ink (fol. 1-92); circular frame with geometrical motif in green, blue and yellow (fol. 101v), golden letters (fol. 102r).


Biblia mozárabe. Biblioteca Histórica de la UCM. BH MSS 138. 10th Century.

Other Types of MSS

Isidore of Seville. Cava de' Tirreni, Biblioteca statale del Monumento nazionale della Abbazia Benedettina della Ss. Trinità, Codices Cavenses, Cod.2 Etymologiarum libri XX. Location: Biblioteca statale del Monumento Nazionale della Abbazia Benedettina della Ss. Trinità - Cava de' Tirreni, Italy.