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Medieval Manuscript Collections

Digital manuscript resources and collections online for study and research.


CHD Institute for Studies of Illuminated Manuscripts in Denmark. Late Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts - Books of Hours 1300-1530. This collection of notes on Books of Hours mainly in Danish Collections is intended for students and scholars already specialized in the analysis of medieval manuscripts. There are very few illustrations from the manuscripts on the site itself. Use the CHD Guides and other internal links to Pictorial Resources to view the illustrations.

The Royal Library, Copenhagen.   Digitized MSS. Latin manuscripts 600 to 1600.

University of Copenhagen. Arnamagnæan Collection The Digitized Manuscripts.


Pargamendid. Search Estonian Historical Museum, Archives and Tallinn City Archives. Text and descriptions are in German.

Iceland & Norway


A Digital Catalogue of Manuscripts in Sweden. is a digital catalogue of medieval and early modern manuscripts kept in Swedish libraries. The database currently contains descriptions and full digitizations of 130 Greek manuscripts: Gothenburg University Library (4), Linköping Diocesan Library (32), Lund University Library (5), National Archives, Stockholm (2), National Library, Stockholm (7), Nationalmuseum, Stockholm (1), The Skokloster Castle Library (1), and Uppsala University Library (78). The database also contains descriptions of 34 Old Swedish manuscripts. Next year (2019) around 300 Old Swedish manuscripts will be added to the database.