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Getting Published in Health Sciences

Submitting the manuscript

Only submit to one journal at a time. Most medical journals do not allow for multiple simultaneous submissions.

Cover letter

  • Often you will be asked to submit a cover letter along with you manuscript
  • Cover letter is only seen by the editors (not the reviewers)
  • Summarize how this study builds upon what is out there
  • Give context to how this fits in with current science
  • Do not copy & paste your abstract
  • Opportunity to communicate to the editors at a more personal level


Reviewer suggestions or exclusions

  • These can be included in the cover letter
  • There may be other opportunities to provide this information during the submission process
  • Editors take these suggestions very seriously
  • Can suggest reviewers based on what kind of expertise is required
  • Can suggest names to exclude as reviewers due to conflicts of interest, etc.


More info: International Committee of Medical Journal Editors Recommendations for Sending the Submission