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Getting Published in Health Sciences

Writing the Manuscript Tips

Over-arching for you manuscript: Clarity

  • How clear is your idea?  
  • Have a colleague, especially one outside your area, read the manuscript before you submit to make sure the main conceptual point is understandable.


  • First point of contact
  • Avoid jargon
  • Simple & succinct
  • Part of the discoverability of your article - researchers often search for articles by looking for keywords & phrases in titles and abstracts


  • Commercial for the paper
  • Part of the discoverability of your article - researchers often search for articles by looking for keywords & phrases in titles and abstracts
  • Maintain accuracy but avoid spin e.g. do not overstate your findings
  • Different journals have different styles or formats for their abstracts - verify what the journal you intend to submit to requires


  • Give justification for this study
  • Include relevant background information that someone outside your immediate field would need to know to understand the purpose of this study;


  • Be accurate with statistics and figures
  • Editors and peer reviewers will evaluate this section to understand the actual science that has been done


  • Important to discuss limitations
  • Wraps up the paper, what you have done, and what needs to happen next


  • Avoid excessive self citations
  • Make sure there are current references; references that are all too old are a red f;ag for editors and reviewers


More info:

International Committee for Medical Journal Editors Recommendations for Manuscript Preparation

“Preparing and Publishing a Scientific Manuscript” Journal of human reproductive sciences vol. 10,1 (2017): 3-9.

Health Sciences Writing Centre at the University of Toronto: support & resources for writing; individual student instruction