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Registering your study

Why register a study?

  • Registering your study is an important part of transparent research practices.  Pre-registering your protocol can be done for systematic reviews, clinical trials, and any type of study.  this will help with your overall research plan.
  • Peer review is possible - can obtain valuable & helpful feedback either formally or informally
  • Important to determine how the study will be conducted and analyzed a priori in order to prevent selective outcome reporting and to ensure the results are independent of what researchers "want"
  • If there are changes from the protocol when conducting the study, this is fine (and realistic) but describe why and when variance occurred
  • Can use this as a tool to protect against being "scooped"

Why adopt transparency practices?

  • Allows work to be audited/reviewed
  • Ensures work is reproducible & usable
  • Allows for collaboration & sharing

Where can I register my study:

More information about  protocols and importance of transparent research practices:

Increasing value and reducing waste in research design, conduct, and analysis. The Lancet. Volume 383, Issue 9912, pages 166-175, 2014.