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Gerstein Science Information Centre

Getting Published in Health Sciences

Choosing a journal

Criteria to consider when choosing a journal:

  • goodness of fit of journal and its aims and scope to your study 
  • Read aims, mission, and scope of journal
  • Look at articles published by that journal
  • Which journals have you cited or read articles from?
  • What do your colleagues or supervisors recommend?
  • Is Open Access a requirement for your research or is this part of your values?
  • Look at journal's acceptance rate


Why choose a journal before writing manuscript?

Some journals have requirements or recommendations with regards to following reporting guidelines, or depositing data and code.  Journals often have a structure or format for manuscripts. It is easier to craft the manuscript to these requirements from the beginning rather than force a completed manuscript to fit them as an after thought.


PRO TIP: Be careful and avoid deceptive journals !