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MGT434H5: Mergers and Acquisitions

A course guide listing resources for MGT434H5 students.

Investext: M&A Research

To access Investext, open Mergent Online and select the the second last tab on the right.

You can use Investext for a wide range of Company and Industry research.

When researching M&A transactions, start from the search screen:

  • Select your date range -- the default is the past 12 months
  • In Search Criteria, click on Subject and then click the 'Use Subject Lookup' link
    • From the Subject options, select 'Merger/Acquisition/Divestiture'
    • this will add it as a search term, then click Submit to see number of results
  • To filter further, options include the following criteria:
    • Region or Country (eg. Canada)
    • specific Companies (lookup by name or ticker)
    • Contributor allows you to search or browse by the company providing the analyst reports (eg. RBC Capital Markets, Deutsche Bank)
      • When you open the 'Contributor Lookup', you can use the Search box at the top of the pop-up to search for a specific Investment company or bank
    • Industry (search or browse)
    • Keyword to search for terms that appear in the full-text of the reports
  • Each time you add another filter, click Submit to see how many results you have narrowed to
  • You can delete any filter by clicking the 'x' beside it
  • Be sure to click Submit again after deleting filters to refresh your results

Once you've finished filtering your search, click View to see the list of reports

  • Click on the pdf icon beside any report to open and/or download it

To modify your search or to start over, click on either 'New Search' or 'Modify' in the upper left