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MGT434H5: Mergers and Acquisitions

A course guide listing resources for MGT434H5 students.

Mergers & Acquisitions Research using Bloomberg

To search for deals associated with a specific company:

  • Type in the company name in the top search box or command line
  • Bloomberg will auto-suggest matches for your company; click to select the appropriate name
  • A company-specific menu will appear
  • Click on Company Overview > 18) M&A Buyer Intent Profile
  • In the default Overview tab, you can filter the acquisition list that appears by region or by industry by clicking on the options presented
  • Click on the horizontal Deal Distribution, Acquisition Criteria, or Advisors tabs for aggregate views of company deal activity
  • Click on the 'All deals' option at the bottom of the list presented to see the full list of deals
  • Click on an individual deal to see the full profile, including:
    • Timeline (with charting that tracks price - right-click to export)
    • Financing details
    • Advisers
    • Deal comps
    • Trading comps
  • Look for the red 'Definitions' tab to access definitions and help specific to Bloomberg's Mergers & Acquisitions function

To search for deals that meet certain criteria:

  • Type 'MA <GO> ' in the top search box
  • The Mergers & Acquisitions module or screen will appear
  • A list of year-to-date deals will appear
  • You can adjust the timeframe by using the menu besides 'Date Range'  or restrict the list to just M&A deals; you can similarly change the geography from the default 'Global' option by using the pull-down 'Region' menu  
  • Create a simple filtered list of deals by clicking on a Deal Status, Region and/or Industry; the filters will appear in blue when selected
  • Use the red 'Custom Search' button to generate a list of deals using more complex criteria, e.g.
    • Deal size
    • Premium
    • Product segment
    • Nature of bid
    • Deal multiple
  • You can click on 'Results' to view the results; if you need to edit what you generated, use the red 'Edit Search' button
  • Click on the 'Deal Breakdown' tab for aggregate statistics about the deals generated from either a simple or advanced search; use the '+' button to see statistics based on various deal attributes