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MGT434H5: Mergers and Acquisitions

A course guide listing resources for MGT434H5 students.

Bloomberg: Introduction

Bloomberg is a database that offers current and historical company, industry and market data and news.  It is global in its coverage and includes third-party licensed data not available in other databases, along with powerful charting and analytics.  Bloomberg is widely used in the financial services industry.

Bloomberg: Access

Creating Your Bloomberg Account

Bloomberg is available for remote access by faculty, researchers, staff, and students currently affiliated with the University of Toronto while the Li Koon Chun Finance Learning Centre (FLC) remains closed due to COVID-19

A Bloomberg Terminal account is required in order to access Bloomberg remotely.  Please ensure your existing account is active OR create a new account BEFORE your reserved time slot(s).

If you do not already have a Bloomberg Terminal account, please visit the Bloomberg for Education Portal at Once in the Portal, select the ‘Sign Up’ link to sign up for a Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) account, using your university email (i.e., as a Learner.

For more step-by-step instructions on how to create your account, and information on resetting your password, or re-activating your account, please see the Remote Access to Bloomberg User Guide.

Use this Bloomberg Quick Start guide for more help in understanding what this database offers and how to navigate it.

Bloomberg: Saving Your Results

You can download almost all Bloomberg content.  However, summary or overview screens may have limited downloading options - you may only be able to email or save this within Bloomberg.

Content can be exported by one or more options, depending on the screen you are viewing:

  • Using the red Actions pull-down menu above the data or content to access various export options
  • Clicking on the 'Output to Excel' (for individual deal profiles)
  • RIght-clicking to generate a menu (usually for charting applications)

Bloomberg: Help

Click once on the green <F1 Help> button to access help specific to the content or screen that is active. 

Click twice on the green <F1 Help> button to access the Bloomberg Help Desk 24x7; they will respond within 24 hours.  You will need an individual account to send and receive Help Desk messages.