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Citing Chinese-language sources in English papers

Here is a list of comprehensive sources for citing Chinese sources in English papers. You may consult any of the following sources for citing Chinese sources when writing in English. 

  • Yale University Library 

    • The guide by Yale University Library provides examples of how to cite Chinese sources in bibliography and footnotes (with transliteration and translation) in Chicago, MLA and APA styles. 

    • The types of sources include books, book chapters, journal articles, databases, DVDs/films, newspapers, and websites. 

  • University of California Berkeley Library 

    • The University of California Berkeley Library’s citation guides for Chinese resources provides citation examples for Chicago, MLA and APA styles in bibliography and footnotes (with transliteration and translation). 

  • Hong Kong Baptist University Library 

    • This research guide page also covers APA, MLA and Chicago styles. 

    • It especially notes the capitalization rules in pinyin romanization, and particularly points out the use of Chinese characters following the Chinese romanization in Chicago style. 

  • UBC Asian Library (UBC wiki) 

    • A comprehensive list of how to cite Asian-language sources with examples by the UBC Asian Library and the departments of Asian Studies. Source documents available in PDF and Word formats. 

Additionally, some style guides of journal article publishing are also listed here (Brill and HJAS) for reference.  

For those who are used to the citation management software, here are some resources: