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Finding Books - Teen Films

Enter any of the following headings, exactly as they appear, in UTCat, then choose Subject from the drop-down menu:

  • teen films
  • teenagers in motion pictures
  • motion pictures and teenagers
  • youth in motion pictures
  • motion pictures and youth
  • schools in motion pictures
  • mass media and youth
  • youth in mass media
  • alienation (social psychology) in motion pictures
  • teenage consumers

Bibliographies - Teen Films

Immaturity Abides! On Teen, "Gross Out" and Dumbass Comedy " and openly accessible studies of...those liminal film genres and cycles of comic immaturity, awkwardness, stupidity, and tastelessness -- that is to say, all varieties of the teen (or arrested development) comedy (including the "teen sex comedy", the "gross-out" comedy, comic "dude flicks" and "bromances"), as well as studies of related issues."

Young and Undead: On Child and Teen Vampire Movies A list of scholarly and other online studies of...teen and pre-teen varieties of undead cinema (along with their literary sources).