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KPE162: Personal Health

This guide is intended primarily for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education

Physical Education & Health Resources for Undergraduates


Welcome to the KPE resource guide for KPE162 students!

This library guide will introduce you to resources you can use for your KPE research or literature review assignments. Consult with this resource when looking for KPE literature and information resources.

This guide will help you:

  1. Find out about and access all the different kinds of resources available to you through the library.
  2. Learn more about anatomy and clinical evidence
  3. Do background reading to learn basic information on KPE topics 
  4. Remember how the peer-review process works and why's important
  5. Identify the parts of an article citation and the main elements of citation styles
  6. Find journal articles when you have the citation information
  7. Use databases to find lots of journal articles on your topic



'Jean-Galbert Salvage, Anatomie du Gladiateur' . Credit: WellCome Collection (Creative Commons license).