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KPE162: Personal Health

This guide is intended primarily for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education

What is Primary Research?

A professor may require you to find primary research articles. What does that mean? Primary research articles present findings from original research after conducting an experiment. These articles usually contain the following parts:

Description of the techniques used to execute the experiment in detail, including the collection of data, and the statistical procedures used.

Technical presentation of the outcome of the experiment. The results are usually described with the aid of tables, statistical tests where appropriate, as well as figures and diagrams if necessary.

The authors interpret their results in light of previous work in the area. Sometimes ideas for future or follow-up research are included.

References cited:
The authors list all the articles they have cited.

What is Peer Review?

Is this Article Peer Reviewed?

Ulrich's Periodical Directory

Watch "Is this Article Peer Reviewed?" video for instructions on how to use Ulrich's to determine if a journal is peer-reviewed.

Why can't I just Google?