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Gerstein Science Information Centre

KPE162: Personal Health

This guide is intended primarily for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education

Physical Education and Health

Physical Education Index 

  • Indexes citations on topics related to physical education, fitness, sports, kinesiology, physical therapy, and dance. Examples of more specific topics include: training and coaching, motor learning, standardized fitness tests, and recreation.


  • Narrower in scope than the Physical Education Index but also offers citations to articles on physical education, fitness, and sport related topics such as: exercise physiology, biomechanics, psychology, as well as training and coaching.

Related Subjects

ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) 

  • Find articles on education related topics such as: instruction, learning processes, and training.

OVID MedLine 

  • Produced by the National Library of Medicine (U.S.) this database offers citations to journal articles in the life sciences and is frequently used by members of the health profession and biomedical sciences.

APA PsycInfo 

  • Indexes articles relating to psychology and related areas such as: psychiatry, behavioural and social science, anthropology, education, pharmacology, and linguistics.

Sociological Abstracts 

  • Use this resource to search for international literature in the social and behavioural sciences. This index includes citations to journal articles, book reviews, book chapters, dissertations, and conference papers.



  • Offers a very broad range of citations to scientific, technical, medical, and social science articles.

Web of Science

  • Indexes citations to thousands of journals across the sciences, from agriculture to zoology - including the health sciences.

Canadian Information

Canadian Periodical Index (CPI.Q)

  • This database covers a broad range of Canadian materials. Use it to search for journals, magazines, newspapers, and other references, but be careful to evaluate what you find.

CBCA Complete 

  • A comprehensive database for information on Canadian topics.

Canadian Research Index 

  • The major index for Canadian federal, provincial and territorial government publications. Canadian Research Index allows users to identify Canadian government information for business and research.

Key Journals

Sports & Culture Journals

Exercise Science Journals

Scopus Search String - Sports Culture Journals

SRCTITLE ( "International Journal of Sport Policy" )  OR  SRCTITLE ( "Journal of Sport Management" )  OR  SRCTITLE ( "Body and Society" )  OR  SRCTITLE ( "International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being" )  OR  SRCTITLE ( "International Review for the Sociology of Sport" )  OR  SRCTITLE ( "Journal of Sport Management" )  OR  SRCTITLE ( "Journal of Sport and Social Issues" )  OR  SRCTITLE ( "Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy" )  OR  SRCTITLE ( "Qualitative Health Research" )  OR  SRCTITLE ( "Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise, and Health" )  OR  SRCTITLE ( "Quest" )  OR  SRCTITLE ( "Sociology of Sport Journal" )  OR  SRCTITLE ( "Sport in Society" )  OR  SRCTITLE ( "Sport, Education and Society" )  OR  SRCTITLE ( "Sport Management Review" ) 

SportDiscus Search String - Sports Culture Journals

SO ( "International Journal of Sport Policy" )  OR  SO ( "Journal of Sport Management" )   OR  SO ( "International Review for the Sociology of Sport" )  OR  SO ( "Journal of Sport Management" )  OR  SO ( "Journal of Sport and Social Issues" )  OR  SO ( "Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy" )  OR  SO ( "Quest" )  OR  SO ( "Sociology of Sport Journal" )  OR  SO ( "Sport in Society" )  OR  SO ( "Sport, Education and Society" )  OR  SO ( "Sport Management Review" ) 


Note: there's no way to search for the EXACT name of the journal, so for example, searching for Journal of Sport Management, may also retrieve records from the journal International Journal of Sport Management.