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HIS395H5S LGBTQ2+ Oral History: Queer Peel (Omeka S Assignment)


✿ Omeka with MyMedia

For interviews, we upload video recordings (moving images) to MyMedia to store the files and include links when you create Items in Omeka S.

✿ Create a New Item

You need to enter information for the following four sections: Values, Media, Item sets, and Thumbnail.
Please see a sample entry for the Values section below.

Upload a file via MyMedia

1) Go to MyMedia and sign in with your class username and password.

MyMedia SignIn

2) Click Upload Media

upload media to MyMedia

3) Once uploading the file, check the Sharing option.

MyMedia - Sharing

You can make it available when your professor's project has been approved by the University of Toronto's Human Research Ethics Unit.

Add Metadata to Values (Omeka)

1) Choose Items under RESOURCES (on the left) and
2) Click Add new item (at the top right corner).

Add an Item to Omeka


3) To add a video, select Queer Peel: Oral History Interview for your Resource template and choose Moving Image for the Class.

Adding metadata to Values (New Item)

4) Add metadata.

Add metadata to Values

Add Link to Media

1) To upload an audio file, choose Media and HTML. After entering the title, click Source.

Add Media info to Media


2) Copy and paste Embed Code from your MyMedia page.

Copy and paste the embed code

Include Item Set (Omeka)

1) Choose an item set so that Omeka can pull the information to the webpage.

Choose ItemSet

Thumbnail (Omeka)

1) Choose a thumbnail after creating it.

Upload a Thumbnail

Go to top

Don't forget "Add"

Don't forget to click Add at the top right corner of the page.

Omeka Add an Item