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HIS395H5S LGBTQ2+ Oral History: Queer Peel (Omeka S Assignment)

Acknowledging Sources - Being Acknowledged by Others

When you use somebody's work, it is important to give a proper credit or cite properly.

When you make items (e.g., images, videos) publicly available, the viewers/visitors of the website would like to know how to use these items. Creative Commons Licenses are very helpful for this case. 

Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS)

Creative Common Licenses

1) When you are the user of somebody else's work...

When you use somebody else's works, pay attention to the information like Creative Commons licenses, which tells you how you can use their works without obtaining permission.

2) When you are the creator of your webpage/website...

It's important to communicate with visitors of your webpage/website to let them know how they can use each image/object/file that you made available online. Creative Common licenses are commonly used, and here is the chart.

Creative Commons Licenses

The original source: Research Outreach Issue 105, pp. 6-9.