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HIS395H5S LGBTQ2+ Oral History: Queer Peel (Omeka S Assignment)

Go to Pages

1) Click Sites and find Queer Peel Oral History Project.

Click Omeka Site to see existing sites

2) Click Pages on the left bar. You will see the pages that Professor Brown has already created.

Omeka Pages

3) Go to the page that you are asked to edit.

Create a Page with text

1) When you include text, choose HTML.


When you copy and paste text from a Microsoft Word file, don't simply paste it. Choose Paste and Match Style.
This is because a number of unnecessary code will be copied and make the source page messy.

include text in a Page

Create a Page with an Interview

1) Choose HTML to include interview videos.

For videos, use HTML

2) Click inside the box to see Source. After clicking Source, include the same Embed Code from MyMedia.

How to embed a video/interview

Create a Page with Posters, Articles & Photos

1) Choose Item chowcase for posters, articles, and photos.

Add Items to Omeka Page

2) Click Add attachment to see the items that you have already added. After clicking an item, also check Options (Thumbnail type and Show attachment title).

Add Items to Omeka Page

★ You can view the actual page by clicking View

3) When you finish editing, make sure to save the page.