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HIS395H5S LGBTQ2+ Oral History: Queer Peel (Omeka S Assignment)

Add Metadata to Values

1) Choose Items under RESOURCES (on the left) and
2) Click Add new item (at the top right corner).

Add an Item to Omeka


3) To add items other than videos, select Queer Peel Project: Posters, Articles, + Photos for your Resource template and choose Collection for the Class.

Adding metadata to Values (New Item)

4) Add metadata.

Add metadata to Values

Add a File to Media

1) To upload a file, click Media and Upload.

Add a file to Media (Omeka)

Include Item Set

1) Choose an item set so that Omeka can pull the information to the webpage.

Choose ItemSet


1) PDF does not show a thumbnail. In this case, you might want to include a small image of the first page and upload it.

Thumbnail (Omeka)

Go to top

Don't forget "Add"

Don't forget to click Add at the top right corner of the page.

Omeka Add an Item