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Public International Law

A guide to resources for public international law research, created by John Bolan, Bora Laskin Law Library

Introductions, Treatises & works on International Law in Canadian Courts

Introductory & General works


Public International Law in a Nutshell / by Thomas Buerganthal & Sean Murphy (2013, 5th ed.) (6th ed available online)

Public International Law / by Alina Kaczorowska (2015, 5th ed.) 



As well as being useful starting points for international law research, treatises will guide you to primary sources.


Brownlie's Principles of Public International Law / by James Crawford (2019, 9th ed.) [PRINT] OR [EBOOK]


International Law / by Malcolm D. Evans (2018, 5th ed.) 


International Law / by Malcolm N. Shaw (2017, 8th ed.)


Canadian Treatises


Public International Law / by John H. Currie (2008, 2nd ed.) [PRINT] OR [EBOOK]


International law : doctrine, practice, and theory / by John H. Currie (2014, 2nd ed) [PRINT] OR [EBOOK]



International Law in Canadian Courts

Using International Law in Canadian Courts / by Gibran Van Ert (2008, 2d ed.) [PRINT] OR [EBOOK]


International Law Chiefly as Interpreted and Applied in Canada / H. Kindred et all (2014, 8th)

Book’s website has a searchable index of the entire text and links to treaties and cases mentioned in the text.

Is our house in order? : Canada's implementation of international law  / Chios Carmody (2010)  [PRINT] OR [EBOOK]

Bibliography of International Law Online

Oxford Bibliographies of International law is a collection of annotated bibliographies on International Law topics.