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Public International Law

A guide to resources for public international law research, created by John Bolan, Bora Laskin Law Library

General international law research - online

Guides to United Nations Research


Maureen Ratynski Anderson, “Where to Begin When You Don't Know How to Start - Tips for Researching UN Legal Materials” (2003) 31 Int'l J. Legal Info. 264.

A lucid and authoritative guide to U.N. research by the Chief of User Services of the U.N.’s Dag Hammarskjold Library


United Nations Documentation: Research Guide International Law

Prepared by the UN’s Dag Hammarskjold library, this resource is useful for both research instruction and information on the structure and organization of the UN.


United Nations Research Resources: A Guide (UofT library)

Guide to the resources available to UofT students for U.N. research

Guides to Researching Customary Law