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Infusing Indigenous Perspectives in K-12 Teaching

This guide is designed to help Initial Teacher Education students find materials that centre or focus on First Nations, Métis, and Inuit worldviews, experiences and knowledges for teaching in the K-12 classroom.

Classroom Support Materials and Resources

Please see the above list for the supplementary reading materials, including their location in the library. Online resources are denoted with a link available in the 'Title' section of the chart.

Note that for OISE Library materials the following abbreviations have been used to note the location and collection:

  • ST - Stacks, on the Second Floor
  • CR - Curriculum Resources, on the Third Floor
  • CLC - Children's Literature Collection, on the Third Floor

Please note that these recommended materials are largely in the Curriculum Resources or Children's Literature Collection on the Third Floor of OISE Library.

Highlights from the Resource List

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