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Infusing Indigenous Perspectives in K-12 Teaching

This guide is designed to help Initial Teacher Education students find materials that centre or focus on First Nations, Métis, and Inuit worldviews, experiences and knowledges for teaching in the K-12 classroom.

Searching with Keywords

NOTE: When searching the library catalogue please keep in mind that library classifications and historical library materials contain many outdated terms such as "Indian". We are working to improve and update these terms. You can also try more current keywords such as "Native peoples" or "Indigenous" in keyword searches.

Search Steps:

  • Consider a general topic (e.g., Indigenous peoples and art).
  • Think of keywords (e.g., Native peoples AND art).
  • Search for your keywords in the catalogue, separating them with the word AND.
  • For materials on Métis and Inuit peoples, use the keywords "Métis" and "Inuit".

  • If you would only like to see results from OISE Library, please click the box next to "OISE" beneath the search bar
  • Click on “Search” and look at your results. If they do not look relevant, try replacing one of your keywords with a synonym.

Searching with Library Classifications

  • To find subject headings (library classifications), click on the "Books" link under "Catalogue" and then:
    • Click on the drop down menu beneath the search box and select "Subject".
    • Enter your subject heading into the search box at the top of the screen.
    • Click “Search.”

  • Note: You can find more subject headings by clicking on the title of a book that looks relevant and then clicking on the “Subjects” tab in the catalogue record.
  • Some other library classifications headings include:
    • "Indians Of North America"
    • "Native Peoples"
    • Inuit
    • Métis
    • The name of a specific Aboriginal people (e.g., Mississauga Indians)

NOTE: When to use "Indians of North America" vs. "Native Peoples" as a subject

Within the OISE Library catalogue, there is a useful distinction between the subject terms "Indians of North America" and "Native Peoples". "Indians of North America" is largely used to describe Indigenous materials mostly from the United States and Mexico, where as "Native Peoples" is used to describe First Nations, Métis and Inuit materials from Canada.

Narrowing Your Search

After searching, you can go to the left-hand side of the screen and select:

  • Library – e.g., OISE
  • Library location – e.g., Children’s Literature
  • Format – Books
  • Publication year – e.g., 2010 to Present

Finding Books in the Library

From the catalogue record, note the:

  • Title – e.g., Love Beyond Body Space and Time
  • Call #  – e.g., JUV FIC L896
  • Library Location – e.g., Children's Literature Collection

Use this information to find your book in the library.

Getting Library Materials

You can request materials from UTM and UTSC campuses for delivery to OISE. However, it the materials are in a library on the St. George campus, you will need to visit that library to get them. For information on library services to students with disabilities including interlibrary deliveries, please consult the Services to Students with Disabilities homepage.

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