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GGRC26: Geographies of Environmental Governance

This guide will help you find scholarly sources to support your annotated bibliography and final research paper.

Background Research

Written by scholars and librarians, Oxford Bibliographies Online introduces academic topics and lists their most influential or original articles. They are a great way to find key resources on your topic.

For example, you might look up topics like geographies of energy, environmental justice, renewable energy, indigenous ecologies, geographic vulnerability to climate change, indigenous rights and governance in Canada, or anthropogenic climate change to find relevant sources. 

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Scholarly Articles

Indigenous News

APTN | News

Our Stories. Our Voices. Award-winning television programming by, for and about Indigenous Peoples to share with all Canadians.

CBC News | Indigenous

The latest news and current affairs from Indigenous communities across Canada.

Other eResources

Continuing your Research

Get Started

1. Write YOUR TOPIC 

2. List KEYWORDS related to your topic. (Review your Developing your topic mind map and course readings for ideas.)

Find Journal Articles

3. List TWO DATABASES or ONE DATABASE ONE JOURNAL you might search for articles on your topic. Consider why you chose them. Does the journal relate to geography? Is the database focused on social sciences and current events? Is the database help you find Canadian content?

4. Find a JOURNAL ARTICLE on your topic. Write the APA citation. 


5. Do you have any QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS about your research for this assignment? If yes, share in the chat or email me your questions at