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Research Guides


A guide for finding resources in the area of Ecumenism


Check the UofT Catalogue for resources in Ecumenism. Here are some Subject Headings to search under:

  • Ecumenical Movement
  • Ecumenical Movement History
  • Christian Union
  • Christian Union History


Here is a selection of books on ecumenism in the UofT Catalogue to get you started:


Ecumenical adventure (2019)

Leaning into the Spirit: Ecumenical Perspectives on Discernment and Decision-making in the Church (2019)

Toward a Common Future: Ecumenical Reception and a New Consensus (2019)

Ecumenism: A Guide for the Perplexed (2017)

Pathways for Ecclesial Dialogue in the Twenty-First Century: Revisiting Ecumenical Method. (2016)

A Light to the Nations: The Indian Presence in the Ecumenical Movement in the Twentieth Century (2016)

One Body in Christ: Ecumenical Snapshots. (2015)

No Turning Back: The Future of Ecumenism. (2014)

In God's Reconciling Grace: Prayer and Reflection Texts for Christian Reconciliation and Unity. (2014)

Theology in Service to the Church: Global and Ecumenical Perspectives. (2014)

Wounded Visions: Unity, Justice, and Peace in the World Church after 1968. (2013)

Celebrating a Century of Ecumenism: Exploring the Achievements of International Dialogue: In Commemoration of the Centenary of the 1910 Edinburgh World Missionary Conference. (2012)

Sustaining the Hope for Unity: Ecumenical Dialogue in a Postmodern World. (2012)

Harvesting the Fruits: Basic Aspects of Christian Faith in Ecumenical Dialogue. (2009)

A Century of Prayer for Christian Unity. (2009)

The New Ecumenism: How the Catholic Church after Vatican II Took Over the Leadership of the World Ecumenical Movement. (2009)

Liturgies for Christian Unity: The First Hundred Years [1908-2008]. (2008)

The Ecumenical Movement at a Crossroads After Sixty Years: What Does 'Amsterdam 1948' Mean for Us Today. (2008)

Ecumenism Today: The Universal Church in the 21st Century. (2008)

Ecumenical Reception: Its Challenge and Opportunity. (2007)

Taking Christian Unity Seriously. (2007)

Receive One Another: Hospitality in Ecumenical Perspective. (2005)

Ecumenical Dialogue. (2005)

A History of the Ecumenical Movement. Volume 3, 1968-2000. (2004)

A History of the Ecumenical Movement in Asia. (2004)

Rethinking Ecumenism: Strategies for the 21st Century. (2004)

The Ecumenical Movement: An Introductory History. (2004)

The Unity We Have and the Unity We Seek: Ecumenical Prospects for the Third Millennium. (2003)

Essays on Ecumenism. (2003)

Creative Ecumenical Education: Learning From One Another. (2002)

Introducing the World Council of Churches. rev. ed. (2001)

Bringing Churches Together: A Popular Introduction to Ecumenism. (2001)

Reformed and Ecumenical: On Being Reformed in Ecumenical Encounters. (2000)

Ecumenical Pilgrims: Profiles of Pioneers in Christian Reconciliation (1995)

A History of the Ecumenical Movement. Volume 2, 1948-1968. (1970)

A History of the Ecumenical Movement, 1517-1948, 2nd ed. (1967)