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Consumer Health

Assistance on health topics for those who are not formally affiliated with the University of Toronto

Best starting points for general medical information


  • links to high quality web resources on over 750 topics
  • preformulated searches on topics allow you to find latst professional articles on your topic
  • interactive tutorials on over 165 procedures and conditions
  • extensive drug information

UpToDate Patient Information

  • articles written according to latest informaiton by physicians who are experts in their field
  • updated based on new medicla findings
  • reviewed by multiple experts for accuracy

TRIP (Turning Research Into Practice)

  • find high quality evidence-based clinical information
  • sort and choose results by type (systematic reviews, evidence based synopses, core primary research, textbooks, etc)
  • search by keywords; then select preformulated searches in MEDLINE/PubMed to find the latest references

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