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ITA235 Cucina Italiana: Italian History and Culture Through Food

Course Description of ITA235: Offered in English, this course charts the regional diversity of Italian food and examines various factors (early settlers, wars, migratory trends) that have shaped Italian culinary traditions.

Background Reading to Get Started

Food studies is a field of studies in its own right! Researchers in the fields of history, anthropology, sociology, chemistry (and more) are studying food. Here are a number of books across disciplines to give you ideas for different approaches and get you started to research food in Italy and Italian diaspora communities. If a topic interests you, when you open the record for the book, have a look at the 'subject' headings associated with the book to find similar books. 

The subject heading 'Fascism -- Italy' is too broad and won't help for this class. 'Women in the food history -- Italy -- History -- 20th Century' is too narrow, and there are no other books with that heading. But 'Food habits -- Italy -- History -- 20th century' and 'Women -- Agricultural Laborers -- Italy -- History -- 20th Century' retrieve more books on the topic.


Food History / Cultural Studies

Food and the Arts

Slow Food / Sustainability / Food Insecurities