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Citation Trails: Researching Backward and Forward

Searching Citation Trails on ProQuest

Searching for academic resources through ProQuest covers many, many databases from across dozens of different disciplines. ProQuest covers databases focused on the life sciences (e.g. biology, zoology, genetics, etc.), physical sciences (e.g. physics, chemistry)social sciences (e.g. anthropology, sociology, political sciences, history), and health sciences. Additionally, ProQuest includes databases covering education, business, and engineering. It is also a primary way to access academic dissertations and theses. This wide coverage makes ProQuest very important for searching citation trails because it may include titles not available through the library catalogue or other databases.

Unfortunately, ProQuest offers no direct way to search backward for its articles. For backward searching, you will need to consult the bibliographies of the article you are working with.

Searching Forward on ProQuest

1) Locate your desired article.


2) Find "Cited by" below the article's title. This allows for forward searching.