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Japanese Extensive Reading - Tadoku (多読)

Print (Level 3)

Level & volume Titles (Japanese) Titles (Romanized)
Level 3,   vol.3-5 [PL536 .N47375 2016] 大男の話 = The story of a giant Ōotoko no hanashi = The story of a giant
Level 3,  vol.3-1 [PL536 .N4734 2016] よだかの星 = The star of the night hawk Yodaka no hoshi  = The star of the night hawk
Level 3,  vol.3-3 [PL536 .N47376 2016] ばかオンダル : 「三国史記」より = Ondal the dumb Baka Ondaru : "Sangoku shiki" yori = Ondal the dumb
Level 3,  vol.3-4 [PL536 .N47365 2016] 海幸山幸 : 日本の神話 「古事記」より = Sea Prince and Mountain Prince Umisachi Yamasachi : Nihon no shinwa "Kojiki" yori = Sea prince and Mountain prince
Level 3,  vol.3-6 [PL536 .N47385 2016] 天狗の鼻 = The nose of a tengu Tengu no hana = The nose of a tengu
Level 3,  vol.3-7 [PL536 .N4738 2016] 五兵衛と津波 = Gohe and a tsunami Gohē to tsunami = Gohe and a tsunami
Level 3, vol. 2 [PL536 .N47355 2016] 梨とり兄弟 Nashi tori kyōdai
Level 3, vol. 3 [PL536 .N47345 2016] 金庫破り Kinko yaburi
Level 3, vol. 6 [PL536 .N4737 2016] 一房のぶどう Hitofusa no budō

E-books (Level 3)