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MUZC01H3 Exploring Community Music

A guide aggregating resources you will need to successfully complete your assignments for VPMC01H3

Tips for Grant Writing

The following list of grant writing tips has been adapted from 

Writing grants can be a very labour intensive pursuit and involves a great deal of knowledge, resources, and perseverance. There are numerous tips and tricks that you can follow in order to write a successful grant. Here are just a few that will help you be successful. 

1. Read the application carefully and identify what the granting body is looking for. If there is a specified order and format, follow it. 

2. Ensure that your program aligns with the grant's objectives and criteria. If they don't match, it might not be the right grant for you. 

3. Write succinctly, as reviewers often have to read hundreds of pages a day during review periods. 

4. Avoid jargon, or explain it. 

5. Have someone proofread your application. 

6. Ensure that your objectives are clear and quantifiable - try to use the SMART method

7. Format well.

8. Be honest about what you are trying to accomplish. 

9. Give yourself enough time to complete the application properly. 

10. Outline your action plan.

11. Create a budget that is realistic.

12. Spent a good amount of time crafting your goals and objectives. 

Toolkits for Grant Writing