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MUZC01H3 Exploring Community Music

A guide aggregating resources you will need to successfully complete your assignments for VPMC01H3


Welcome to the Community Music Resource Guide!

This guide is meant to function as a one stop shop for the various resources you might need for your study of community music! 

This Library Guide can help to support the work that you are doing in your Community Music Course, and focuses largely on Grant Writing

What is Community Music?

There are numerous definitions of Community Music. Connected Communities, a UK cross-council programme run but the Arts and Humanities Research Council states that it is characterized by four traits

1. Decentralization

2. Accessibility

3. Equal Opportunity

4. Active Participation in Music Making

Of course, Community Music has many additional layers, as outlined by Dr. Laura Risk in the following concept map: 

community music concept map

By Dr. Laura Risk - VPMC01 Syllabus - Fall 2020

It is hoped that this guide will help you find resources that allow you to explore this subject area fully.