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CHE430: Chemical Plant Design Resources

Resources for 2019 projects

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Mahabadi et al., USP 5,847,030, “Latex Processes”, Dec 8, 1998. 


Sacripante et al., USP 10048605B1, “Cold Pressure Fix Toner and Comprising Crystalline Resin and High and Low Tg Amorphous Polyester”, Aug. 14 2018. 


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5, 6 

1. Kock-Glitsch product brochures & software

2.GPSA Handbook

3.LUDWIG, E. E. (2001). Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical  Plants (3rd Ed.) (3 vols.)

1. Catalogue:; Software:

2. 8th edition:



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H. Crum et al., “The Big Book of Kombucha: Brewing, Flavoring, and Enjoying the Health Benefits of Fermented Tea”.

G.T. Benz, “Optimize Aspect Ratio in Industrial Fermenters”, CEP, April 2019, p.26. 

11, 12

Claus Process (also see below) 


Pitchai-Mydeen et al., USP 9,620,779, “Method of producing electrically conductive polymer and cellulose nanocomposites”, April 11, 2017. 


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15, 16

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T. Leshuk, et al (2016), "Photocatalytic degradation kinetics of naphthenic acids in oil sands process-affected water: Multifactorial determination of significant factors", Chemosphere, 165, pp. 10-17.

T. Leshuk, et al (2018), "Petroleomic analysis of the treatment of naphthenic organics in oil sands process-affected water with buoyant photocatalysts", Water Research, 141, pp. 297-306. 

Other resources for 2019 projects

The Claus Process:


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