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Medieval Art and Architecture

Library resources for art history courses FAH215, FAH267, FAH271, FAH423, FAH434, FAH435.

Videos in Alexander Street (UTL Resource) - Architecture

Alexander Street offers a wide range of videos on medieval life, architecture, death, saint, knights and historical perspectives. Below are a few examples:

Gothic Cathedrals. Produced by Bruce Nash, In Modern Marvels, Season 2, Episode 27 (New York, NY: A&E Television Networks, 1995)1 hour 5 minutes.

The Cologne Cathedral, Germany. Directed by Richard Graveling, Produced by Jane Gerber, Electric Sky, In Vertical City, 4 (Brighton, England: Electric Sky, 2008) 27 minutes. Richard Graveling (Director), Jane Gerber (Producer), Electric Sky (Producer), (2008). The Cologne Cathedral, Germany. InVertical City. 4. Brighton, England: Electric Sky. [Streaming Video]. Retrieved from database

Propping Up Pisa. Narrated by Maggie Philbin, Produced by Cynthia Page (London, England: BBC Worldwide, 1992)29 minutes. This documentary, produced by Cynthia Page, explores the problem of the leaning tower of Pisa and solutions to prevent it from collapsing. With the help of an old report, a British soil scientist seeks to explain why the rate of tilt has accelerated in recent years.