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Medieval Art and Architecture

Library resources for art history courses FAH215, FAH267, FAH271, FAH423, FAH434, FAH435.


For the most current acquisitions of EBooks, DO CHECK the direct links to the EBook publishers and platforms listed on the UTL webpage. UTOR login is required to access these books.

University of Toronto Library Catalogue

The University of Toronto Library System has 43 libraries on the St. George, UTM and UTSC campuses. Each catalogue record will provide you with the location and availability of the book (charged or available).

When searching for material use the ADVANCED SEARCH. Filter your search and you will obtain a more precise result. A few tips:

  • No matter what the language of the book, the Library of Congress subject terms in the Subject Field are always in English
  • Medieval or Middle Ages are both used in the Subject Field.
  • Books at libraries on the St. George Campus can be requested and delivered to the UTM Library.

To request material from libraries on the St. George campus which are not at UTM select the OPTIONS button on your catalogue record describing the book. Select REQUEST and you will be prompted to complete information. It takes on a couple of days to receive a book from downtown.

If you have the time to wait, books not available in the UTL system can be requested and borrowed from other libraries in North America. Consult the Scholars Portal Racer page for more information.