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Finding Instruments & Measures

Find Research Instruments in CINAHL

CINAHL is the major database of nursing and allied health information. There are multiple ways to search for research instruments in CINAHL. The most appropriate for you depends on what you want to know. When searching by the name of a research instrument, it is often most effective to use a unique term or phrase from the name of the instrument, instead of the exact name.

To find a work that is a published research instrument, search for a Publication Type of RESEARCH INSTRUMENT. This indicates the work indexed is actually a research instrument.

  1. Search using search terms for your topic
  2. Click Advanced Search to view search options
  3. From the drop-down menu of Publication Types, click Research Instrument.
  4. Click Search

To find a body of work that uses a specific research instrument, search using the particular name of the research instrument as an INSTRUMENTATION in the drop-down list.

  1. Enter the specific name of the research instrument and
  2. Select INSTRUMENTATION from the drop-down list of search fields
  3. Click Search