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Research Guides

CIN340H1F - Seriality (Fall 2017)

Where to Find Journal Articles

Interdisciplinary databases

  • Google Scholar (incl. substantial film content).
  • ProQuest (incl. substantial film content)
    • Use the filters for Publication dates, Document type (Features, Front cover / Cover page, Articles)
  • Project MUSE

Subject-specific databases

  • See navigation menu to the left for subject-specific databases (e.g., international film, etc.)

How to Find Journal Articles

3-step process to find journal articles

  1. Select a journal article database;
  2. Enter your search terms to find citations to journal articles.
  3. Once you've found a citation that interests you, find the article, either online or in print form.

What is a citation?

A citation provides the information you need to track down the source; it may refer to a journal article, a book, an article/chapter in a book, an Internet document, a review, a newspaper article, etc. A citation usually includes:

  • the title of the article (chapter, book, etc.)
  • the author of the article
  • the title of the journal in which the article appears (or book in which the chapter appears, etc.)
  • the article’s publication information (volume, issue, date, page numbers)
  • and often an abstract, or short description, of the article. Select 'Details' or 'Preview' (depending on the particular database) to view the abstract.

Can't Find Full-Text Online?

Use a citation to find a journal article

Often, for any number of reasons, you may find it impossible to gain direct access to the online full text version of an article from within a particular database; or it may simply not be available in an online version. 

Don't panic: In the first case, it is likely that an online version is available via an alternate route, or from another source, within the Uof T Library's collection; in the second case, the article you want is likely available in a print version. 

Use the information found in the citation to search journal title in library catalogue (see "What is a citation?" above):

  1. Go to UofT Library Home page 
  2. Enter the title of the journal, NOT the title of the article, in the search box
  3. Below the search window, click the "Title" checkbox  
  4. If the Library subscribes to the journal (print and/or online), the title will appear under "Journals & Databases" red heading. Click on the heading to see all the results.
  5. Be sure to click on the title and look carefully at the library record. If it's available online, you will see hyperlink (sometimes named Abstract)  with a link to the online version (if available), as well as details about the extent (volumes, issues, dates, etc.) of the Library's print and/or online holdings.

Still having trouble? Contact your librarian

Finding print journals at other UofT Libraries

1) Robarts Library

The journals are stored in two locations:

  • Current issues (most recent 2-3 yrs)  are arranged alphabetically by title, and shelved in the 4th floor Periodicals Room
  • Older issues are shelved among the books in the stacks in the upper floors. 

You will need to look up the journal's call number (found along with the item record in UTCat). Use the Robarts Library stack guide to figure out what floor you will need to visit or ask for help on the main floor or the 2nd floor reference desk.  

2) Engineering & Computer Science Library (ECSL)

ECSL has a few journal titles from the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE) and they are available online and / or print. The print materials are stored in two locations: 

  • Current issues (1985 - current date) are arranged alphabetically by title, and shelved at ECSL
  • Older issues (pre-1985) are arranged alphabetically by title and shelved at Gerstein Library (3 BELOW level)

3) Other UofT Libraries

Typically, print journals are shelved alphabetically by title, but they are located in a specific area for periodicals / journals so ask Library staff for help.