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CIN340H1F - Seriality (Fall 2017)

Oxford Bibliographies Online (OBO)

Why use OBO?

Oxford Bibliographies Online (OBO) is part annotated bibliography and part encyclopedia and covers a wide range of subjects. Search for your topic in Cinema and Media section which contains

  • Curated lists of key resources on studios, certain film professionals (directors, actors producers, stylists), genres, national cinemas, film theory, and general topics (Hollywood studios, American Cinema, 1939-1975)
  • Citation information and a brief description about each resource mentioned in the OBO article (including: books, chapters in books, articles – academic and popular i.e., New Yorker) 

How to access resources listed in the OBO articles

Be aware that these are only bibliographies or reference lists so you will need to search for the full text in the library catalogue.  

  1. Click on "+Find this resource"
  2. Click on "Get it! UTL" button and you will either be directed to online resource or land on the Get It! UTL help page and you can check:
    • Available from another provider? Always double check and search for the title on the library home page <> because we might have access from another source. 
    • Only available in print? Look up the book, magazine or journal title in the library catalogue to find the library location and call number.
    • Not available at UofT? You can request it from another institutions (inter library loan) 
    • Available somewhere else Check if the title is available at Toronto Public Library or Toronto Film Reference Library (TIFF) 
  3. Not sure what to do? Get in touch with your librarian.